Thursday, October 24, 2013

Standardized Tests for Kindergarten In New York City

Take a look at what standardized tests look like for kindergartners in New York City. If you're like me, you'll be outraged by what you see.  I guess there are some people who think that kindergartners (and their teachers) can be evaluated by tests such as these:

Standardized Tests for Kindergarten

I, for one, cannot believe the people behind these tests aren't behind bars. Or locked up in institutions for the insane.

In New York City, parents banded together to be sure that their children would not have their educations reduced to test prep:

Check out the article here:

Parents Opt Out

I must say, I am proud of those parents for standing up for their kids.

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James Gurney said...

Wow, I couldn't figure out the right answers at all. All my answers were sort of lateral, and I guess wrong. It also doesn't seem right that the kids can't work together on the answers. That would be a good lesson to learn to help each other.