Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Fun in the Fall

Yesterday we painted an autumn night landscape using cotton swabs as paint brushes. The results on on display on the west wall of the room.

Ask your child to show you the one he or she painted.
Iris brought in snack and a book to share. Her book was a long time favorite, Clifford, the Big Red Dog.

A book many of us already know

We walked down to the outdoor classroom to read Iris's book. After reading it, we found a note about some hidden pumpkins. A few of the kids were able to read this note.

 We decided to go on a pumpkin hunt in the dry creek bed. Perhaps there was something to that note.

Lexi, Wyatt, Martin, and Evan

These four students were the ones who found the hidden pumpkins.

Tomorrow we bring up a new set of centers.

Be well.

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