Friday, October 25, 2013

Roll 'n Record and Symmetry

We took time out to do two activities from the math curriculum this morning since we were between center rotations.

First we did an activity called "Roll and Record" where students rolled a single dice and kept a record of the result. We did this in a large group setting with each student taking a turn.

This is the chart we made to display the results of our 28 rolls. The kids recorded their own roll.

To increase interest, I had each child pick a number to root for.

The second lesson on symmetry was one we explored with paints.

Children slathered on paint on one half of a folded piece of paper and then folded it over so that the paint they applied printed on the other side.

Here are some pictures showing them at the task:

And here's a finished picture:

Both activities will appear in small group center tables in the weeks ahead.

Off to camp for me!

Be well, everyone.

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