Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red Ribbon Week & Halloween Schedule (No KIDS Club 10/31) & Classroom News

Red Ribbon Week

A few of you have wondered about Red Ribbon Week (RRW) at Dunham. RRW is a long-standing anti-illegal drug program aimed at upper elementary students.

Down here in kindergarten we steer clear of RRW.

I am confident that our 5 year olds are not in any immediate need of such a program. On top of that, I am concerned that discussing the dangers of illegal drugs may needlessly provoke anxiety and worry, or even worse: curiosity about drugs. Some kids are going to wonder why....

So when kindergartners ask me what's up with all the ribbons decorating the school, I just say it's for a contest called Red Ribbon Week. The winning school gets some money from RRW. And I leave it at that.

Halloween Schedule

The Halloween party on Thursday, October 31 in kindergarten goes from 11:00 to dismissal. Later that afternoon there is a costume parade around the track. The afternoon parade is optional for kindergarten kids whose parents wish to bring them back in costume for the parade. Typically about two-thirds of the class will take part in the parade.

KIDS club on Halloween day is preempted by the parade.

Classroom News

Tuesday is the day we invite Andy to join us in the morning to begin the day. We're beginning to practice for our first performance at 8:00 AM in the morning Monday, November 4 at the school assembly. You might want stick around to see us sing that day.

The kinders give Andy high 5's.
Here's the completed schedule we followed today:

Four absent today: Dario, Leilani, Martin, and Waylon—get well everyone

We're getting the classroom looking more Halloweeny by the day. Here's the dancing skeletons on display in the northeast corner of the room.

Each one has its own personality

Finally, in reading we noted similarities between two books we read recently: Mr. Gumpy's Outing and Duck on a Bike. We made this simple Venn diagram to show what animals appeared in both stories and which appeared only in one story or the other.

Both stories are good ones for kindergarten.
Be well.

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