Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picture Day, Play Time, Tea

It was school photo day today. For many, the school photo will be an iconic image you'll use to remember kindergarten.

Once we finished singing with Andy and his stand-up string bass, we went next door where our school photographer, Steven Yeager, had set up his equipment to take pictures.

Sitting at the tables, waiting for a turn posing for the camera

Steven Yeager at work
After the pictures were taken, we took some time away from our usual routines for play indoors.

Play on rug

Drawing on cardstock

Play dough table

Our play time was so much fun about half of the kindergartners decided not to clean up. I guess it their way of saying that they would like more time to play.

But leaving a lot of the clean up for the adults to do, and ignoring repeated requests to clean up is not a skillful way of asking to get more play time. In fact, not cleaning up has the opposite effect. It makes me want to avoid play time. We talked about this.

It will be a while—later this month—before we get play time again.

Davey's oranges at snack time looked a lot like little pumpkins

KIDS club tea, a place to practice our pleases and thank yous—and enjoy some tea & cookies
FWIW, bike clean up and tea clean up went splendidly! I think our discussion earlier in the day sank in.

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