Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mustache Day & Reminders

Quite a few kindergartners showed up with mustaches on their upper lips. A tingle of excitement went with seeing mustaches on the faces of so many friends.

A group photo taken just after centers

Jacob wore his stick-on mustache longer than anyone else, even through his carton of milk at snack.

Tomorrow is picture day. There will be no centers tomorrow. We will, yes, have our bike day as usual on Thursdays.

Likewise, Friday is another picture day. This whole school group photo is scheduled at the same time as our centers. So, again, no centers on Friday.

Again, on Friday we have the Walk-a-thon. Kinders are invited to stay until the 2:30 school dismissal to participate in this event. Please remember:

• send a lunch (or order one from the hot lunch program)
• send your child to school in comfortable walking shoes.
• send a change of clothes* if you haven't already sent one
• pick up your child from kindergarten at 2:30

Thank you.

*experience tells me to expect a few bathroom accidents with the longer day. More than a few kinders wait to use their home bathroom when they get out of school at the end of the day. At school, kinders must share bathroom facilities with the whole rest of the student body.

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