Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Fall Fun

We brought up another new round of center this morning.

Mrs. Zell wanted to do the science center making "Boo Bubbles." I, of course, encouraged her to do it. Like the pro she is, Rachael put the whole center together with the help of her husband Jeff. Jeff is a master mechanic who owns his own automotive repair and restoration shop in Marin. If you've seen that cherry black '55 Chevy in the parking lot, that's him driving it. Jeff helped put together the chamber for the Boo Bubbles. Rachael did all the legwork getting the soap solution and the dry ice. Here's a couple of photos from her center this morning.

All the kids wanted to be in Mrs. Zell's center, even some of the parents. Even me. Who can blame us?

A soap bubble filled with carbon dioxide

Lexi, there, standing on the left, was in my center making skeletons out of cotton swabs.
Her body tells you where she wanted to be.

Jacob was the line leader, story provider, and snack bringer today.

He brought us edible spiders.

I got my camera in time before these two went down someone's hatch
No Andrew today, so I did my best Andrew imitation with the ukulele.

Bike day tomorrow.

Be well.

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