Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday News

I spent a restful and thoroughly enjoyable weekend camping along the Russian River to celebrate my birthday. The Sonoma County coastline is at its best in October.

The river mouth is closed right now and the water is high and deep

We paddled from our camp in Duncans Mills a bit more than five miles to just beyond Jenner where the river would empty into the Pacific but for the sand blocking its path.

Great Blue Heron, a dignified shoreline bird, across the river from Jennner

For me, my birthday and the school's Walkathon mark the beginning of fall, the end of summer and the first stirrings of the holiday season ahead.

Today we finished up the set of centers we've been doing. It was Evan's day today. He brought a book that everyone enjoyed: The Man in the Moon by William Joyce. A link to Amazon's page:

Evan also brought back the snack his classmates enjoyed last time around, turkey bacon. Every time my wife has bacon (she prefers the pork version) she says, "Bacon's the reason I'm not a vegetarian."

He also brought carrots and fresh strawberries, but the bacon vanished first.

Tomorrow we will take another day off centers in favor of an art project. Parent volunteers can have the day off again tomorrow. The new round of centers will begin Wednesday. I am looking forward to them.

I reworked the table groups in an effort to spread the parent volunteers around to increase the chances of the parent volunteer being able to lead the center that his or her child is in.

New table groups begin tomorrow
Finally, most of the homework in kindergarten this year will be self-assigned—and therefore meaningful. Aileigh did this piece of work recently and proudly showed it to me:

Her paper aquarium—look at that fish!

William Z.'s portrait of his kindergarten teacher, green shirt and all

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