Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midweek Notes

We're nearing the end of this round of centers. The next round of centers will mark the beginning of my efforts to prepare for our conferences next month.

Audrey came over from Mrs. Zell's Boo Bubbles center to show me her very long lasting bubble. It remained in her gloved hand for some minutes gradually getting smaller and clearer as time ticked by.

Very soon after taking this photo the bubble burst.

Conference Sign Ups Online

Be sure to visit the Dunham website to schedule your conference. An "Alert Now" message ought to have arrived in your email inbox yesterday. That email has a link to follow to get to the online sign up page.

Lining Up

Our class has been working to get in line more quickly.  Some weeks ago, Mrs. Zell and I noticed that lining up was a rough part of our day. The usual problems plagued us—pushing, taking cuts, not getting in line with the end of recess. Lining up was taking too much time and energy.

We instituted a new way to line up. Now the line forms in alphabetical order (no need to push, no need to cut).  The line rotates with the person of the day a month leading the line and yesterday's person of the day being the line ender.

We decided to use a stopwatch to time how long it takes us to form that line. At the beginning it took about 120 seconds to line up. We've done as poorly as 144 seconds. Today we set our new record of 26 seconds. I think we can even improve on that

Be well.

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