Monday, October 7, 2013

Ladybugs & Ukulele Ladies

Here's a look inside kindergarten on this 32nd day of kindergarten.

The girls at table 4 enjoyed the paper airplane center. Leilani's plane flew particularly far.

Mrs. Zell brought in some ladybugs to hatch in the classroom.
She read a book about ladybugs written by my friend, author David M. Schwartz.

Ladybug Land, their habitat for classroom study

Ladybug larvae do not resemble adult ladybugs. Ladybug larvae eat aphids for breakfast lunch and dinner—
earning the goodwill and friendship of many a backyard organic gardener, including me.

Beck's snack of rainbow fish, rolled deli meat and sliced oranges was a treat.

The note sent home today

Our KIDS club ukulele ladies

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