Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Happenings in Kindergarten

Halloween is a very busy day in kindergarten. This one was no exception.

After centers we went out to ride bikes and work in the garden. The kindergartners found a butterfly and a frog.

This butterfly was sitting on the chard. The frog was camera shy.

Mr. Hansen inaugurated the worm bin to make compost for the garden. In my garden I use worms to make compost and they do a great job. Here, some of the kinders are looking inside the worm bin and asking how it works.

Shredded paper helps give the worms a place to hide

 Ella learned how to ride on two wheels today. Ella credits Lexi with having taught her how to ride. Lexi learned how to ride a bicycle earlier this year. The best teacher is often the person who themselves just learned the skill being taught.

I'll try to upload the video from which this picture was lifted.

Here's the video:

Way to go, Ella. I know your mom and dad are happy with your new accomplishment.

Waylon brought snack today. (He traded places with Noah.) Jolene, Waylon's mom, made fruit kabobs.

The kabobs that Waylon brought were presented in a jack-o-lantern.
There was another treat that Mackie's mom, Bonnie, made for our enjoyment—tasty deviled eggs decorated with sliced black olives to look like spiders. Those spiders got all eaten up! Yum. Mackie also brought a little bag of goodies for each of her classmates.

After snack we went outside so the room parents (there were 11 parent helpers in all) could set up the party that ran from 11:00 to 11:45.

I took some photos to record the party, but I actually missed a lot of it. Too much fun.

Thanks to all the parents who made the classroom party such a success.

Painting little pumpkins

At least 11 parents were on hand to help run the party. I thank each and every one!

We also decorated cupcakes and made Halloween wreaths. Somehow I didn't get a photograph of the cupcake decorating activity. We were pretty busy. Here's a photo of the wreath making.

Audrey, Noah, and Lexi all had something to give all of their classmates at the end of the day.

Audrey's gift for each classmate was a bucket of fun.

Lexi brought breadstick ghosts

A number of kindergartners came back for the Halloween parade at 1:30.

We marched around the school and then took two laps around the track.

Round we go

Before departing for the night of trick or treating ahead, we gathered by the east wall of the classroom for a group photo.

Cute kids!

Have a safe and fun Halloween tonight.

See you tomorrow morning.

Be well.

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James Gurney said...

We loved seeing all the great costumes and snacks. Hope you all had a fun Halloween.