Friday, October 4, 2013

Goodbye, Thor!

Thor will be moving on to a new school come Monday. I led the center he did today, that being making pancakes on the griddle.

For everyone at the center it was their first time flipping a flapjack. It's easy enough to flip pancakes once you know how, but after some decades of practice it can be hard to remember that there IS something to learn about flipping a pancake successfully. Watching 4 five year old boys do it for the first time is a reminder of just how much technique is involved.

Even pouring syrup on pancakes is a skill—one of our fry cooks poured out a sea of syrup when he turned the syrup bottle upside down. There was enough syrup on his plate to float his pancake.

Since today would be Thor's last day with us, we made him a going-away book.

Each classmate contributed a page to Thor's book.

We sang Thor a goodbye song.

Later, at snack, we enjoyed some ginger snaps shaped like hearts to make our snack into a farewell party for Thor.

Mr. Gurney & Thor

Mrs. Zell and Thor
Good luck in your new school, Thor. May you find many new friends and find every happiness there.

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