Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Tidbits

More news in pictures from the kindergarten classroom.

Mrs. Zell made this decorative bulletin board for the area above the sink.

The spirits  floating in the sky are made by tracing a kindergarten foot and adding the facial features—with googly eyes.

Great moon & tree.

I like the message on the gravestones, too!!
Today was Sophia's birthday so we sang her our three birthday songs near the end of our snack time.

It was Julie's day to be the line leader. She brought a Barbie book for sharing and some apples and grapes to share.

The Boo Bubbles center just gets better. Mrs. Zell thinks that the glycerin and Joy dishwashing liquid need some time to set up before they make a bubble liquid with good lasting quality. Whatever it is, they did seem to sit longer in the kindergartners hands before bursting into swirls of cottony air.

Addie and her bubble

Three bubbles at once

Gloves help keep the bubbles from bursting
One of the kindergartners came up to Mrs. Zell to inform her that this kindergarten has the coolest centers in the whole world.

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