Thursday, October 17, 2013

Drills, Cider Making, and Civil Engineering

At snack time, about halfway through the morning, Dunham School practiced our first earthquake drill. Our class did a fantastic job getting under tables and promptly ducking and covering. Here's a photo of Table 3 waiting for the all clear signal.

Clockwise from bottom-left: Julie, Kaden, Nicholas P., and Davey.
Today was bike and garden Thursday.

Our garden teacher, Mr. Hansen, brought out an apple crusher to make juice. Mrs. Zell got my camera and took some photos to give you an idea of what it was like.

The juice coming out of the spout

Apples going in the chopper.

Garden photos by Rachael Zell

In KIDS club today we went down to the outdoor classroom but spent most of the time doing some kindergarten level civil engineering, you know, driving tractors, building log bridges and other fun stuff.

Wyatt drives the tractor

Noah hauls a big log

Noah and Nick G spanned the creek with this log bridge.

It's been said that play is the work of childhood.

In kindergarten I often think of my lessons as being "a math activity" or "language arts lesson" or "a science activity." I am simultaneously aware that the kids do not see the activities as belonging to separate subject areas. The activities are just what they are. The most engaging activities are those adults might call imaginative play.

Tomorrow is a PE day.

Be well!

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