Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Quiet/Safe Place Tool

from the Toolbox Program—

When life gets stressful, each of us needs a place to feel safe—a place with some space between ourselves and what is happening around us. The Quiet/Safe Place, whether a real location or a place in the imagination offers your child awareness that a quiet/safe place is available.

This tool is about learning to focus on a memory of our safe places, which triggers our body to relax. We ask children to locate both an actual physical place that feels good the them, and to create one in their imaginations that can be visited again and again. We teach them how to "go to" their quiet/safe place in their minds whenever the feel the need for comfort or to reduce stress.

Here are some suggestions for using the Quiet/Safe Place Tool at home:

  • Talk about your own quiet/safe place.
  • Ask your children about theirs.
  • Ask your children to explain the Quiet/Safe Place Tool tag line, "I remember my quiet place," and the hand gesture that goes with it.
  • During times of stress, suggest that your children use their Quiet/Safe Place Tools.

By practicing the Toolbox tools at home, you are helping your child develop resiliency and helping us create a happier, healthier school community together.

Here's a photo taken last weekend at one of Mr. Gurney's Quiet/Safe Places—Teacher's Beach on Tomales Bay.

I love being outdoors, alone in nature. This beach on Tomales Bay is a place of refuge for me.

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