Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reminder note sent home today

Some of you asked for a poster to help you remember which days are bike days and which are PE days, so I sent home a flyer that is intended to help. Post it somewhere in your place where you can refer to it as needed.

Looks like this—

Tomorrow will also be a bike day, as our regular Wednesday music program with Andrew DeVeny is still one week away. Bring bikes tomorrow!

I will have a few extra copies up by the front door if you need them.

Parent volunteers—thank you. We've got a good start on the centers. The class is settling into a good routine now. Mrs. Zell and I really appreciate the help.

To help you and your child learn everyone's names, tomorrow I will post photos of each class member along with their first names, save the two class members whose families opted out of inclusion on this blog.

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