Monday, September 9, 2013

Parent Volunteers Started Today

We began our first round of the first set of centers today. In centers, the students work in small groups at their tables sometimes independently, but more often with adult supervision. In each set of centers there will be seven activities lasting approximately 30 minutes. Students stay with their table groups throughout the center time. The centers encompass much of the kindergarten curricular areas.

Each set of centers is likely to have a center focused on reading, another on math, as well as one on science, art, and often cooking as well.

Since there are seven tables and seven activities, it takes seven instructional days to rotate everyone through all of the activities.

Today several of the kids wanted to run through all seven activities in just one day. With time, they'll understand that their day will come.

Very popular today was the science center from our "Animals Two by Two" curriculum. They got to study the goldfish Mrs. Zell brought in with her.

Our kinder scientists were observing the goldfish.

In the math center using pattern blocks, Davey made a robot.

Waylon was able to make a large design.

Students used pinto beans in the math center on capacity.

In my center, I'm assessing pre reading skills. Not much fun, but one of those things we gotta do.

A good day today.

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