Monday, September 23, 2013

More New Riders

Two more kindergartners joined the ranks of the two wheel riders. First Sophia learned. Mrs. Zell says she had very little to do once the training wheels came off. She just started riding! Sophia is brave, unafraid of falling. In fact, a few seconds after the end of the video clip below, she fell off the bike. She wasn't really hurt. Most of all, she was not discouraged at all. She was up on her bike soon after the fall and rode the rest of the morning.

Not long after, Mackie learned to ride on two wheels as well. Educators will tell you that students learn as much from their fellow classmates as they do from their teachers. This is a good case in point. Learning is contagious. Here's Mackie's video, taken by Mrs. Zell on her iPhone.

Nicholas P. enjoyed working with the modeling clay this morning. I think this image came to mind as his hands worked the clay

The sculpture in Arlington, VA

In any event, here's what he came up with:

Semper fi
Finally, the kids who sit at Table 3 asked me to take a photo of the clean up work they did. Gladly!

Clean as a whistle

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