Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lexi's First Ride on 2 Wheels

It was Lexi's day today. It being a bike day, she wanted to ride her bike. At the beginning of our bike time, her bike had training wheels. But about halfway through she asked us to remove them from her bike. In no time at all Mrs. Zell had her successfully riding on two wheels.

Here's a short video:

More good things happened too.

Dunham's resident bass player, Andy Tester, dropped by kindergarten this morning to help out with our morning singing. His bass playing adds a noticeable punch. The class sang much better today that before. After singing, a bunch of the kids wanted a closer look at his bass.

Andy will be back on a weekly basis, usually on Tuesday mornings.

I always wake up happy to come to school when Andy's scheduled to come.

Mr. Hansen, our gardening teacher was on hand to show the kindergarten kids where the potatoes were. For Aileigh, digging out the potatoes was a highlight of the day.

Kinder Garden at its best.
Some pretty amazing work is coming out of the center groups.

Leilani painting

Nick carefully putting the cars away

Jax's pattern block design

More designs from table 2

Addie's painting

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