Thursday, September 26, 2013

KIDS Club & Daily News

By now most of you have seen the invitation to KIDS Club. (There was an invitation on goldenrod paper in your child's cubby today.)

You may wonder what KIDS Club is all about.

Very simply, it's a longer kindergarten day for every kindergartner* with enrichment & smaller groups. A relaxed and curious zone.

In KIDS club your child will take part in kindergarten enrichment activities art, science, math, music, and language arts. There are four sessions, each lasting two weeks. This will make it possible to divide the class into four groups—smaller instructional groups of about seven students.

With smaller groups it is easier to offer enrichment activities, for example beginning ukulele instruction.

I hope to make KIDS club as fun and as interesting as possible for your child.

*If your child is in Transitional Kindergarten, he or she will have to wait until next year.

Daily News

Wyatt brought in a snack and a book today. He was the line leader. We enjoyed bikes & the garden in perfect fall weather.

Lexi, who has learned all of her classmates names, showed us that fact during snack yesterday. At first she was a little hesitant about speaking into the microphone, but warmed to the task before she was through. Here she is yesterday just after telling us everyone's names.

Way to go, Lexi!

Tomorrow will be Addie's day. She's going to share a rabbit at the beginning of school. Don't be late!

Be well!

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