Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bike Day Tomorrow

First of all, remember that tomorrow is a bike day. If you wish, bring a bike and a helmet for your child tomorrow.
Dario was the person of the day today. Here is his X-wing fighter.

We opened up the ever-popular "Quiet Room" today. Iris, Lexi, Aubrey and Sophia were first.

Our new student Leilani

We visited the outdoor classroom

We read some books out there.

It is just across Gossage Creek, at the southern end of the school's parcel.

Parent Volunteers

It's time to start thinking about getting a team of parent volunteers lined up for the centers that will commence late next week.

If you can come in to lead a small instructional group (four or five children) on a regular, on-going basis, please sign up. The time slot is from 8:15 to 8:45. You can volunteer every day if you wish. There will be little yellow squares of paper for you to add your name. I'm hoping we can fill this chart.

Add YOUR name to the wall of fame

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