Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Kinder Thursday

Today was kindergarten's first day in the Dunham School garden. Mr. Hansen, our garden teacher, opened the gates and welcomed the students who came in to see the pumpkins, veggies, flowers, and bug life that's abundant there.

The morning fog burned off while we were out in the garden and Mr. Hansen opened the umbrella to find a whole slew of ladybugs who had sought overnight shelter inside its furls.

The ladybugs were a hit with the kindergartners, as we had just read a book that Ella brought for sharing. It was called Ladybug Girl and was about a girl who liked to dress up as a ladybug.

Mr Hansen & some of the kindergarten gardeners.

Earlier in the day we got in our new table groups and explored a math material called Cuisenaire rods. I took a few photos of what the kinders made on their day using them.

Iris built a solid building.

Kaden stacked them up high

Davey zeroed in on the black and red rods.

Noah made a corral with cows inside. The white cubes are cows.
After class dismissed I got a visit from Kelsey Sprenger, now 21, a SRJC student transferring to SSU in the winter. Kelsey was in kindergarten here in 1998. It's gratifying to visit with grown kindergartners.

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