Wednesday, June 26, 2013

China Poised to Dump Standardized Tests

From the Raising Modern Learners newsletter this week comes this provocative tidbit which they gleaned from the Washington Post's education page:

At least there’s one country that seems to rethinking the whole education process in light of these global changes by drastically reducing the importance of standardized test scores. It says that “the obsession with test scores ‘severely hampers student development as a whole person, stunts their healthy growth, and limits opportunities to cultivate social responsibilities, creative spirit, and practical abilities in students.’”
The country?

How ironic that China is unchaining its educational system from standardized tests so that they will come to resemble the system we here in the US had before the Clinton/Bush/Obama reforms came along.

Educators are refusing to administer standardized tests in some parts of the US. Hopefully others will find the courage to follow their example. 

Link to the whole article in the Washington Post

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