Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm finding we use the Toolbox tools to solve the little social issues that are coming up in kindergarten. I'm using the "Patience" tool as we get ready to listen to a lesson. It works! The students find that the "Using Words" tool and the "Listening" tool really do help them work out the conflicts they find themselves in.

It is National Teacher Appreciation week. Yesterday the school board treated the whole staff to a breakfast. Today I unwrapped some nice gifts. It's good to feel the love.... Thank you!


The homework I sent home today isn't really for today so much as it is for the first weeks of August when the reading skills we've developed in kindergarten this spring have had a chance to accumulate a layer of cognitive dust and an accumulation of mental rust.

The list of words I sent home will refresh those memories and help bring back the ability to read the sight words and the easy-to-decode words that the first grade staff hopes to see in their fresh new first grade class.

So, no need to send anything back.

Have a good Wednesday.

Be well.

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