Sunday, May 12, 2013

More with Less

When I told him about my love of ukuleles, a good bicycling friend of mine observed that I seem to be drawn to simplicity. He said, "There's a pattern. You don't ride regular 20 speed bikes like most of us; you ride a single speed or a fixed gear. You don't play a six string guitar; you play a four string ukulele. You don't want a regular RV; you're interested in Teardrop trailers. You don't have boats with motors; you paddle kayaks. You don't teach a grade; you teach kindergarten."

He has a point. My mother and father taught me to look for and choose the simplest solution to a problem. You may remember that during the early days of the "space race" between the Soveit Union (who were the first to achieve manned space flight) and the United States. Our team spent millions of dollars, the story goes to develop a ballpoint pen that would work in zero gravity and the vacuum of space. It was a very difficult problem to solve. The Soviet space engineers supplied their cosmonauts with pencils. (I prefer writing with pencils.)

In any event, in much the same vein, I came across this video by ukulele star Jake Shimabukuro. In it he makes beautiful music using only three of the ukulele's four strings.

See you Monday!


Dan Gurney said...

Okay, nobody's supposed to notice how much complicated technology is involved in this video: the microphones, cameras, sound engineer's soundboard, the computer you watched it on. This would be more convincing sitting around a campfire with Jake telling you this stuff in person. Oh well!

nellyp said...

Thanks for sharing this! Haha, I liked your comment regarding the technology! I think I could use a campfire conversation with Jake!!

Dan Gurney said...

Summers are for campfires. I hope to enjoy a few in the months ahead. And I'll have a ukulele near at hand, too. Thanks for commenting.