Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

I came in over the weekend to reassign the students to table groups and to put names back on the green mat. Students spent first few moments of the morning figuring out where they were sitting and with whom. Most of the boys headed outside to run off a little steam once they saw where their new seat was.

Most of the girls, by contrast, stayed inside. Some of them seemed to be making mental calculations about who was sitting with whom. There was more interest in the social realm indoors.

As we found ourselves between sets of centers today, we had time for freely chosen activities, which the children love. Aidan, Ryder, and William Z. made an impressive structure using the wooden blocks:

Tomorrow we will start up the second-to-last round of centers in kindergarten. By mid week we'll already be in mid-May. Even though I know time flies in late spring, it still surprises me just how quickly it goes.

Be well.

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