Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Friday

Today was the last Friday of the kindergarten year. Next week we will bring the school year to a close with a big Carnival on Thursday, June 6 from 9:30 to 11:30.  The Dunham PTO puts on this event and they do a great job of ending the school year and opening up summer vacation.

On Monday, all the students will take part in an activity we call "Sneak Peek" where each class visits the one above to get a small glimpse of what is to come in the fall. It's fun for me too, though in my case I am paid a visit by the sixth graders were, seven years ago, kindergartners. About half of each sixth grade class were kindergartners here and it's fun for them and for me to remember those long ago (especially for them) days of yore. Typically they want to have Archy say something to them, and he's happy to offer a word of encouragement to the soon-to-be seventh graders. It's a big transition from here to middle school, kind of like the change from kindergarten to first grade and third to fourth grade.

Tuesday there will be an assembly. The kindergarten class will stay for only the first part of it, as a good deal of the assembly is devoted to giving out athletic awards related to the Westside Relays for fourth fifth, and sixth grades. Wednesday will be the occasion of our final Tribes meeting of this year.

We finished up our final round of centers today. One of the centers involved making underwater collages with colored stick-on dots. There were some nice scenes assembled this way.

Today was our second-to-last PE class. Mrs. Campbell has been working on t-ball hitting. I got out to snap a photo of the person of the day, Taea, as she swung the bat at the ball.

I hope you enjoy the warm weekend that is forecast for tomorrow and Sunday.

Be well.

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