Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all the Kindergarten Moms!

We'll go back to our usual routines next week as the STAR testing is mostly complete here at Dunham. The kindergartners missed music and PE lessons that were pre-empted by testing in the rest of the campus. We managed okay. There was a bit more math.

I wanted the class to think about how we might figure out how to find the sum of the tallies I made in my center. The conferred with each other. Many suggested we use a calculator, a sensible solution for sure. Others suggested we count all the marks. (It would work, but be tedious.) A few thought we should count the tallies, counting by 5's as we did so. That seemed sensible to many.

We added the numbers both ways and got the same result: 352.

We also got out the Cusinere rods to investigate equivalencies of 10. Each child did one. Wyatt did all but one of the two block equivalencies (he left out 9 and 1), plus two equivalencies using more than one block: 3 + 3 + 3 + 1. We'll have a few more exposures to these fine math tools.

Of course, like all healthy imaginative five and six year olds, what they really wanted to do was to build with these materials, and I'm all about letting imaginations take the materials in their own directions. Their enthusiasm went up and so did the activity level:

Curtis wanted to give Archy some of the string cheese he brought for snack today.

Look for a brown paper bag coming home with your child this afternoon, but please open it on Sunday.

I send you my best wishes for a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

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