Friday, May 3, 2013

Do Overs

Over the course of my career, I've come to appreciate the value of do-overs—that is to say, returning to activities (often with some variations) again and again.

For example, in last week's centers the students used the step board puzzles. They had seen them last fall, but last fall was very long ago in their eyes. Many students needed to get reacquainted with the step boards. Now, this week, as we revisit the puzzles again, only a week since the last time, they worked out the puzzles with much more confidence and ease.

This time around I am adding the simple wrinkle of tallying the number of puzzles solved. Together, they did 50 puzzles, which works out to about two minutes a puzzle per kid. When you consider that includes selecting a puzzle to do, working it, and then putting it away, that's fast. In fact, they are working at a little better than twice the rate they did last week.

We launched other centers today. In honor of spring and of the "Fantastic First Grade Spring Hat Parade" this morning, we made some folded paper hats. This project is a part of the kindergarten  FOSS science curriculum that we use here at Dunham.

Here I am trying on the hat Austin made, as she narrates into the microphone.

She gave a thorough description of her hat.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, we did Kindergarten/Fifth Grade buddies. We finished up the "May There Always Be..." customized classroom-created songbook. Here are a few of those pages.

May there always be friends...

May there always be Archy!
Can you spell Chihuahua? Will can.

May there always be dinosaurs.

May there always be dinosaurs? If you thought dinosaurs are extinct, well, just ask the future paleontologist behind that lyric. She will point out to you that chickens are descendants of the dinosaurs.

It was a good Friday. A little warm as we approached noon out there on the PE field. The kids were hot and thirsty when PE was finished. To keep from overheating, we voted to watch an episode of "Word World" from PBS in the relative comfort of the air-conditioned classroom to conclude the day.

Have a warm and wonderful weekend.

Be well.

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