Thursday, May 30, 2013

Buddies' Goodbye to Mrs. Everson

The fifth graders came by this morning for our final get together this year. They came bearing many gifts, most of them reflecting Mrs. Everson's well-known liking for sweets. There was a made-from-scratch sheet cake, Skittles, banana bread and other tempting treats to enjoy. There were handmade, homemade cards. Several students from each class expressed their heartfelt appreciation for Mrs. Everson's contributions to their education here at Dunham.

After the expressing our gratitude and appreciation for Mrs. Everson, we adjourned to the garden, a fitting setting for our sweet party.

With all that partying, I thought that the kindergartners would not be too hungry for the snack of cheese, strawberries, and goldfish crackers that Ryder brought for us to enjoy, but I was wrong. Many students claimed to be "starving" by the time we got to snack a little more than an hour later.

Today was the final day of KIDS club for the spring of 2013. We're drawing closer to the beginning of summer vacation.

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Mrs. Everson said...

Thank you to the fifth grade class and the kindergarten class for a very touching and special party. I will miss you. Please say hello when we see each other.