Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Doings

The day began with music, always a good way to begin a day. We also needed to be ready to go out front for the class photo. So we held our very first ensemble ukulele practice. I thought the kids sounded good. Now that we are strumming together, we will work on singing at the same time.

The kinders brought to school a number of tools this morning. We were able to talk about and use only one of them so far, but I plan to get to the rest of them tomorrow. Kylie brought in a clever tool that I had never seen before—a pineapple corer/slicer.

Better: it came with a pineapple so imagining how it works wasn't required. We could use and see it plunge into the center of the pineapple, slicing all the way, making a coil a sliced pineapple. Running a knife down either side of the coil produced half rings of fresh pineapple. So good.

We added them to the snack Jackson provided.

We had buddies today. I wasn't able to join the group that went to the garden, but I understand that they had baby chicks out there. Their job was to find a spot in the garden that needed some weeding and to put the chick there. Then, as they weeded the area the little chick would watch the ground for bugs to eat.

Later in the day the third graders went out to the garden to harvest food for the Dunham School Farm Market. Patrick Everson found this moth while picking kale. His mom provided me this photo. In person the moth was bigger than it appears to be in the photo. It was quite striking.

Photo credit: Shelley Everson

The winter crop harvest was offered for sale after school.

There will be rainbow chard served in the Gurney home tonight.

Be well.

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