Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rolling the Dice. 13/14 Kindergarten Registration

When you roll two dice and add the sum of the numbers on the dice the result will be more than one and less than thirteen.

At first thought, you might expect that it is equally likely that any number 2 — 12 will come up on the die. But that is not so. In kindergarten we've rolled pairs of dice quite a few times and tallied the results.

Here's what we have so far:

You can see that 7 has come up the most—22 times. 12 has been rolled only twice so far. Ask your kindergartner to explain why. (I explained this in class and some of them, I think, got it.)

The quiet room has some interesting additions of late. Each table group will get an opportunity to visit there in the next few days. Here's some of the new items to be found there:

A microwave

A mixer (the beaters spin)

A toaster—no heat, but it does pop up

Parfait goblets

Today Austin, Curtis, Grace, and Jaelyn were chosen (at random) to go in for playtime.

For the next two days we will leave the kindergarten in the capable hands of Kathy Jones who will be the substitute teacher as I register next year's kindergarten class.

The probably won't be another post here till Monday....

Until then,

Be well.

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