Thursday, April 4, 2013

May there always be music

At the end of the day today, one of the parents said, "You look tired, Mr. Gurney. Was it a hard day?"

"My morning has had some difficult moments, yes," I said, thinking about the most difficult moments of the morning.

But it would be misleading to call the day itself difficult because there were also many sublime moments—enough sublime moments, really, to easily outweigh the more difficult ones. The difficult moments are like salt & spice in the stew. They add flavor and savor to the whole.

We began the day with some great singing. Andy's stand-up string bass always makes our classroom music time sound better.

Centers are going well. Each morning the kindergarten room fills with the smell of fresh, homemade pasta made from a pasta dough of flour and eggs mixed by hand right here at school and cut on Rachael's hand-cranked pasta machine.

Start with flour & eggs

Crack the eggs into the well of flour

And mix with your ten-digit food processor

Use the "pinch" setting on the processor

and then turn it to knead

until a stiff dough forms

each baseball-sized dough ball feeds a table of kinders

Noah ate his pasta with true gusto

Our ukulele practice sessions are going well. And there's an assortment of other great centers, too.

In math we are playing rounds of "Guess My Rule" using attribute blocks and the students are getting good at figuring out—not guessing—the rule I use to sort the blocks. I like teaching lessons whose main purpose is helping children to develop and clarify their thinking skills.

William got the answer to the most challenging
rule this morning.
Buddies was wonderful, as it always is. We are making up verses to a song called "May There Always Be Sunshine" and illustrating them for inclusion in a homemade book.

Tomorrow is Friday already.

Enjoy the rain.

Be well.

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Jinksy said...

Pasta and play - a perfect day?!