Monday, April 8, 2013

Maranda on 2 Wheels & Living with a Panther

So today, Maranda showed the world she can ride a 2-wheeler bicycle. Here is the proof:

(Photo credit Shelley Everson)

(Curtis, this one's for you.)
Every morning I wake up with a miniature black panther. She races around our house each morning as if training for life in the jungle. The acrobatics she does amaze and amuse my wife and me as we sip our coffees and watch the sunrise over the Santa Rosa Plain.

If you want to see what my cat, Gracie Mews, looks like, watch this video. Outside she looks like the house cat in this video—strikingly so.

Duality from Rich K on Vimeo.

Inside, I'm sure my cat Gracie Mews relates more to the panther.


Brooke Tester said...

Thanks Mr. Gurney, I liked that.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Curtis,

I thought you would. That's why I put it in the blog.

nellyp said...

Loved it! Looking into the panther's eyes as it ran toward the camera though, I'm sure glad I wasn't the one taking the video!!

nellyp said...

I hear tomorrow is spirit day and the kids are to dress in class colors...what are the Kindergarten class colors?

Dan Gurney said...


The color is green.