Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Day

With Mrs. Everson off to Angel Island with the fifth grade class our Thursday buddy visit would have to be postponed again. Luckily we had Austin & William Z's moms stay as well as both Janelle Mitnick and Camille from daycare to help me throughout the morning. We began the morning with Andy helping us rehearse our songs. We added a harmony part to "The Lion Sings Tonight" and we're sounding really good. I am sure we will make a good impression at our next performance.

Nora brought a Barbie book about mermaids which was longish, so I preread and told an abbreviated version of the story. For snack Nora provided cheese, pretzels, and apples.                    

Centers went super smoothly. I helped students work with the step boards. Here are a few of the words they built. Few teachers are as lucky as I am to get the help they need to smile through the morning. We got out to the garden with Mr. Hansen a half class at a time. The morning coastal overcast has made good weather for garden work.

The Crystal Climbers center built this.

While another group built things with wood scraps.

And, of course, the ever-popular spin art center.

A nice day, as Thursdays so often are.

Be well.

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