Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's New Centers

We celebrated Leland's sixth birthday today. He brought in enough cookies that everyone could have two. We sang him our three birthday songs and enjoyed the birthday treat. Happy birthday, Leland. A photo of Leland taken this morning is below.

We brought to life a new round of centers this morning. I'm using a pre reading assessment to monitor the progress of reading skills. So far, so good. I'm happy.

Mrs. Everson is running the science center where students observe closely wood chips as they are immersed in water. First the chips float at the surface, but then within a few minutes they begin to absorb the water in which they are floating. Once they've absorbed enough water they sink to the bottom. Here you can see chips throughout the water, some on the surface some not.

In the math center, students are using dice to clear pennies off of a chart with 100 numbered squares.

We are using two dice to see what numbers come up most often. Each student has a turn to roll 2 dice and report the outcome. We've done two rounds so far and will repeat the process once a day all next week until we've collected quite a lot of data, approximately 150 rolls in all.

Here's the data we've collected so far. It will be interesting to see if any of our deep thinkers in math will be able to explain the results when we're done.

7 & 8 have come up the most; 12 the least

Rachael Zell is working with the class on a project in the kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, I've seen some kindergarten rooms that are equipped with full-on kitchen with lots of work surfaces at a height suitable for five year old children. What a great idea, and what a privilege it would be to work in such a place. I am very grateful to have the community room and its kitchen right next door, and the parent volunteer help to make good use of it.

The birthday boy.

Two centers are outdoors in response to the spell of nice weather we're enjoying. One group in using the newly acquired water table while the other is using sidewalk chalk outdoors.

Next week on Thursday and Friday Mrs. Jones will be in for me as I meet next year's kindergarten class.

Have a good weekend.

Be well.

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