Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fast Food & Cooking from Scratch

As you know, we frequently feature cooking in our kindergarten centers. I believe kindergartners benefit from seeing food made from basic ingredients. When I was a young boy, almost every meal I ate was made by my mom in our kitchen, from scratch ingredients: meat from the butcher, flour, sugar, veggies from the produce aisle. Each week on Wednesday, she baked eight loaves of bread at home. Store bought bread was a rare exception.

I was 15 year old when I had my very first McDonald's burger. I didn't like it. It seemed odd, and disgusting, really, to eat a hamburger that was already made before I walked in the door.

In the 45 years since that day, though, fast food has won the battle. I heard the other day that meals cooked from scratch are the rare exception.

The norm is food cooked by corporations and prepared who really knows how long before you heat it and put it in your mouth?

Watch this video and see what a hamburger that is 14 years old looks like.

If you're going to have a burger today, you might want to visit your butcher today. Have him or her grind up some meat. Take it home, make it into a burger, and fire up the grill.

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Dan Gurney said...

What a world we live in! Hamburgers last longer than phones or computers, and even most cars!!