Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing

Sometimes I wonder if it's just me or if other people have luck that runs warm and cold.

Lately the world seems to be serving me up one little adversity after another—a chain of minor misfortunes that leave me wondering, "When will something tasty and nutrious come my way?"

To feel better, I deliberately remind myself, "Really, Dan, things could be much MUCH worse." I know that is absolutely true, and I find some comfort there.

It all started out very early Friday morning when I felt a little under the weather. It continued all weekend. My wife's knee hurts so much she can hardly walk, my cat threw up on the rug, a friend is facing major surgery and bankruptcy, the Aqus concert, while really great musically, was poorly attended—and on and on like that. I don't want to bore you or wallow needlessly here. But my string of sour notes has continued pretty much straight through till the start of this morning.

As I got out of bed this morning I decided that I needed to cheer myself up. One thing that helps me with that is home made music. This morning I came to school singing Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" which has the refrain,

Don't worry 'bout a thing cause
Every little thing's gonna be all right. 

I sang it to the class as I opened the day. The kindergartners got to hear a recording of Bob Marley singing his song. I gave the class a little lesson about how to draw a bird (adapted from Ed Emberley's books)  Each of the kindergartners drew "Three Little Birds" which I have compiled to made a book for the classroom.

Our book recalled a book by Jack Kent called Round Robin so we read that book too.

At the end of the morning, Mrs. Campbell took the class for ball skills exercises.

Mrs. Burger read another book we've written—the pages of which were done as homework last week. You may remember. She loved our book and wanted it for the library's collection this week.

Finally, Wyatt brought a book for sharing that he could read to us. He did a fine job of reading it and he even used the microphone so we could easily hear every word he read. Well done, Wyatt!

As if by magic, the morning's fog and clouds have lifted. There is some blue sky and sunshine outside as I write this.

I feel a lot better now as I get to the end of the school day. As my closing song says, they really make my day.

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