Monday, April 22, 2013

Back Again

The class welcomed me back after two days away to meet next year's kindergarten class.

I had some spring trimester assessments to finish up. They will help me group the students for the final round of KIDS club. I hope to complete my analysis of the assessments and have a notice about the schedule for KIDS club out by Thursday.

Today we had the chance to stock up on a little Vitamin P. The kids seemed to perk up like droopy flowers when they got a chance to just be together and play. It was great. We'll have one more day like that tomorrow, so if you're a parent volunteer, you can go out for coffee if you wish (except Andy).

While I was away, Mrs. Jones took the class through more iterations of the "Rolling 2 Dice & Tally the Result" activity that we began before I went away.

Here's the result, and you can see that 7 came up far more frequently than the others.

During our free time, Noah worked on this bird. He modified it again and again.

Leland worked on a block city

Aidan & William Z made a nice building nearby. It had a cool hidden chamber big enough to park a Matchbox car inside.

The Williams' moms both stayed to help out this morning—thanks Janelle and Rachael. 

It was good to be back again and give the class some much-needed vitamin P.

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