Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend & Coming Soon

This weekend marks the occasion of Daylight Savings time which means we set the clocks ahead 1 hour. We'll see you bright at early (well, actually, sleepy and not so bright since the sun will have barely come up) Monday morning.

Jennifer Chang brought in green eggs (colored green with kale, spinach & broccoli mostly) and ham along with some home-baked cheddar biscuits. There were even some pieces of waffles left from the morning cooking center. We have the best smelling classroom these days.

If your child wasn't too hungry at lunch rest assured that they got plenty of nourishment at snack time.

Last week and this week were night and day as far as the PE teacher, Mrs. Campbell is concerned. The class was wonderful for her today—which is how they usually are.

Please mark your calendars......

Hold on to this flyer and bring it along.

Finally, I hope to see you all at the Aqus Cafe on Easter Sunday afternoon. We'll be doing a Dine & Donate event there to benefit our enrichment programs through the Dunham PTO. We sent home a flyer today and there will be more of them available in the office and in the kindergarten room.

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