Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Buddy Day

Last Thursday I decided that we needed to preempt our fifth grade buddy time in favor of more practice for the pasta night performance. I don't think the kindergartners were too happy about skipping their time with their fifth grade friends.

I was surprised how much the fifth graders missed their time with the kindergartners. Several times in the week since last Thursday fifth grade students came up to me to get my assurance that our buddy time would happen this week.

We did meet for buddies today. Now that spring has arrived, we've returned to the garden program with Mr. Hansen and that means that we can split up the two classes into three groups, one here in the kindergarten room, another in fifth grade, and the third group in the garden. It makes for smaller groups and a more manageable and more engaged time for the cross-age tutoring to occur.

Here in the kindergarten, we are reprising the art lesson done earlier this week. I love to see the kindergartners repeat an art lesson—the second time through is a whole new experience, informed by the first. Typically the resulting art is more creative and more skillfully done.

Taea and Kiyana work together.

I was able to get away for a minute to see the activity in the garden. It was a bit chilly out there today, but there was plenty to do after a winter away.

Standing by the green chair is Mrs. Everson's fifth grade daughter

Jennifer stays to help Mr. Hansen.
Thursdays always go by as quickly as the rainbow over Dunham in yesterday morning's sky. And just as beautiful.

Be well.

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