Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Robert's Birthday/Mary had a Yellow Dog/Skinnamarink

Another fine spring day outside with cheerful weather prevailing indoors as well.

Today was Robert's birthday. He brought his mom to stay with us all day—that was a treat right there—at least for Robert and me. I always feel better when there's more tall people around to help meet the needs of our five and six year olds. Robert brought strawberries dipped in DARK chocolate 60% cocoa, the good kind. It was probably the first time many of the kinders got to taste what I think of as real chocolate. Yum. Happy Birthday, Robert.

We finished a round of centers today and tomorrow we'll take one day off before launching the next set of centers. So, if you're a parent volunteer scheduled to lead a center tomorrow, you can take a day off if you wish.

The song, "Skinnamarink" seems to continue to buoy up our classroom mood, fending off the grumpiness that can so easily infect a kindergarten classroom in the first week after the change to "spring ahead" daylight savings time. Rachael continues to lead the way with the hand jive.

Rachael learned this song when she was in kindergarten (I think) at Cherry Valley. When a volunteer offers to lead the hand motions, I can play the ukulele. This is better all the way around.  I think kids ought to move when they sing, bring the whole body into the song. It's the ancient way, and our ancestors understood how music works deeply. I love the way Mary is pointing to her friend in the foreground here.

and underneath the moon..... oh,

Mary brought in Shasta, her yellow lab guide dog in training. She's grown since we saw her not long ago.

Shasta has her eye on the bag of kibble.
Curtis brought in a hefty sack of coins to drop into the collection box for the "Pennies for Patients" fundraiser that the student council is doing. Yeah, Curtis!

I'm working on a letter that will accompany the report cards which will be MAILED home on Friday. The letter will help interpret the marks on the report card. I have almost completed the assessments for the second trimester report card and I am very pleased with the progress that the class has made. It's been a fun year, yes, but more than that a year filled with significant progress in those early reading and number skills.

Off to another meeting!

Be well.

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