Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buddies & Report Cards & Animal Art

We started out the day with a classroom band singing a fairly new song called, "All the Way Around the World." Our band featured Andy on the stand-up bass, moms Angela and Jennifer on the rhythm sticks, and me on the cajon & ukulele. We are working on getting the beat and stopping together. I'm pleased.

Thursdays are when we get to be with our fifth grade buddies. We split into three groups. In kindergarten we did kindergARTen—painting floral bouquets, in Ms. Schmidt's fifth grade room there was some reading, and out in the garden with Mr. Hansen the buddies worked with the school garden. The picture at the top of the post was done today with our fifth grade buddies. The colors were mixed from red, yellow, and blue.

Noah brought in a book everyone seemed to enjoy—Skippyjonjones.

Tomorrow look for the end-of-trimester progress reports coming home with your child together with a short letter from me that is meant to help interpret the information you see on it. I am very pleased with the progress of the class.

The letter and progress report will not be mailed as I may have said earlier.

Be well.


For those with an interest in art produced by animals, you may enjoy going over to my brother's blog, GurneyJourney. Fascinating stuff, really.

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