Monday, March 25, 2013

Back to School

Last Wednesday while we were away on spring break spring officially began as the sun began to shine north over the equator.

To start school we began by making ABC patterns with the linking cubes. We sang.

We talked a little bit about our time away from kindergarten. Many of you had some fine vacations. Mine was low-key—highlighted by a short camping "staycation" in nearby Duncans Mills on the Russian River. We rented a teardrop trailer and had too much fun!

Inside it's a teeny yacht cabin—just a mattress & cupboards.

The students seemed happy to be back at school among their friends. That's how it was for me, too. In my center I am taking a welcome break from assessments and helping to teach the kindergartners some ukulele playing skills. Janelle sent along these pictures she took this morning as our day began.

All photos courtesy of Janelle Petersen

Cornstarch and water makes one of the most interesting tactile substances I know. The mixture creates a  material that shares the qualities of liquids and solids. Once you get your hands in it, it's hard to stop.

Mrs. Everson is taking a break from the science centers to make spring lanterns which will decorate our classroom in the coming weeks.

Play dough is always fun.

And over at table one, Brook Tester helped with the tempera painting center.

We ended the day with some bike riding, bar climbing, and kick-back playing. It was a good day to be five or six years old and coming to Dunham School.

No School on Friday.
Dunham Dine and Donate (and special concert, too!!) at Aqus Cafe in Petaluma.


Anonymous said...

I love that your ukulele is sitting on the back of your trailer in the picture! I'm glad you had a good vacation.

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Rachael.

I never get too far away from a ukulele. I played (quietly) before dawn to the rising sun, with birds singing along with their own music. After a half hour or so my fingers got so cold it was time to stop and have some coffee.