Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy morning weather greeted us as we returned from the 4-day weekend. I hope you all had a good time away from school.

The day began with using rods to make little constructions at the tables. It's a familiar activity at this point in the year and not too interactive. This allows everyone to readjust to being together in a low-key, low-stress, and low-demand way. Better than the tears that can come from other approaches.

William made this tower which I found worthy of a photo.

At centers Curtis made a great little man, but for some reason my camera could not take a good photograph of it. Every picture I took was blurry. But it was a good likeness of a human figure. He also made this well-fed snake.

Madilynn's mom was over at the gack center. I was not aware that the stuff resembles chewing gum in its ability to be inflated. Here's Jennifer adding a few final breaths before it burst. Pretty impressive bubble.

Over the weekend Mary was up in Cloverdale at the Citrus Fair. She raises Cavies (known to the rest of the world as Guinea Pigs) and shows them. Here is a ribbon she won last weekend for her efforts.

Yeah, Mary!

See you all tomorrow.

Be well.

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