Monday, February 11, 2013

New Centers for February/About Valentines

We started some new centers today:

I was makin' bacon with the kids at Table 1. I love cooking in kindergarten and am savoring this opportunity before going back into "assessment mode" later this month as we approach the end of the winter trimester.

Photo courtesy of Janelle Petersen

Rachael Zell brought in a science center making a lava lamp. She'll stay throughout this round of centers to lead this center.

Photo courtesy of Janelle Petersen

We also had a center where the students explore solid geometrical shapes. We have them made in transparent plastic, the better to see them fill. Here, students fill them with colored water.
Photo courtesy of Janelle Petersen

Table 4 got to concoct "Gack" a modeling compound similar to play dough, but different. They used white glue and borax.
Photo courtesy of Janelle Petersen

By mid morning it was so warm some of the students wanted to wash the bikes. I supplied buckets, sponges, soapy water, and towels and they went to work.


A note about Valentines:

We will exchange Valentine's Day greetings on Thursday. Please have your child write his or her name on the backs of the card, but do not address the cards to anyone specifically. This makes delivering them much easier for us. Thanks.

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