Monday, February 4, 2013

Necklaces with 101 Cheerios

Friday's celebration of the 100th day of school was so jammed with activities that we didn't have time to make the cereal necklaces I had hoped to do.

Since we had a first Monday of the month assembly, I decided to hold that project over to today.

I'm glad we did as it ended up taking about a half hour for most of the students and longer than that for a few of them. The kids who didn't have much breakfast really wanted to eat them, so I permitted some nibbling to happen while we were making the necklaces. More than a few students ate more Cheerios than they strung together. That's okay, though.

Here we are counting out 100 Cheerios using work mats we have in class to help kindergartners count that high.

Once the cereal pieces were counted, we began to string them together to make a necklace of them. Here's Carley's necklace.

KIDS club is on hiatus this week while I evaluate whom to serve in the late winter session. You will receive from me a note soon if your child will be served.

Be well.

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Melody White said...

My sweet girl! Thanks for posting this photo Mr. Gurney:)