Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Wife is 39.

Earlier in my career the kindergarten curriculum did not emphasize letters and numbers as it does today and so there was more time for the sorts of activities that today are regarded as supplemental to the "core curriculum" as it is called today. Back in the '70's when I first taught arts and music were center stage and practical arts like cooking figured much more centrally into the kindergarten day. I remember doing much more cooking back then.

These days I spend doing more time assessing pre reading skills than I do cooking and so, yesterday was a welcome "blast from the past" for me when I led the center mixing Bisquick into biscuit dough and baking the resulting biscuits in the oven. (They tasted good, too—I'm avoiding carbs these days, but not yesterday in the biscuit center.)

Jennifer shared some reptilian eggs that she's incubating.

Up close you can see what hatches out of these eggs.

 It was Jennifer's birthday yesterday. My wife's birthday, too. A big one.

One of our scholars wanted to know how old my wife is, but I wouldn't come right out and tell them. I did offer the class a clue as to what birthday my wife celebrated last night. 

I gave them some information that, with simple arithmetic, they could figure out her age. "My wife is now twice as old as she was on the day she turned 30." One of my students (whose social intelligence might be developing more quickly than arithmetic skills) provided the answer in a confident tone of voice,

"Mrs. Gurney is 39!"

Now there's a good answer.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Gurney & Jennifer!