Monday, February 25, 2013

Music in Education

I'm reading a book by Ralph Shaw called the Ukulele Entertainer. It's a good read.

Here's a quote from it that I thought readers of Mr. Kindergarten might enjoy reading:

Music has been shown over and over again to be the most beneficial thing for a child to learn. Forget math, languages, sport and science. If you really want to develop your child's brain, you need to get them hooked on music. The understanding and presentation of the musical art helps to develop the brain/body connection in ways that no other school subject can.

There is the mathematical understanding of the musical rules as they pertain to melody, harmony, and rhythm. Learning to superimpose on this the artistic nuances of dynamics and feeling adds a multi-dimensional aspect to the skill.

At the same time that all of this mental work is going on, the body is performing astounding feats of both grace and skill. Fingers, arms and even feet move independently of one another to make the necessary sounds. Playing music is a full mind/body workout leading to tremendous and satisfying rewards which, if not financial, may be spiritual or personal in nature.

Musical people generally live longer, are less stressed and live healthier lives. I can also personally attest that musicians as a whole generally tend to be kind, warm, intelligent and inclusive people.

I agree with Ralph here and I guess you can tell when you visit here that music is something that weaves its way into each and every day here in school.

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