Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful

We were between centers today so we made some pictures of a snowy night to help decorate the walls left bare after taking down the holiday decorations.

I'll have some photos of those pictures tomorrow. I thought they came out great. Pictures tomorrow.

We're really perking along here almost halfway through kindergarten. The kids have learned so much about so many things, maybe most of all how to use their tools to be happily together in school.

After lunch there was time to play and it was great to see so much activity.

Robert and Ryder found a way to make a quiet place amid all the hubbub.

The camera's flash illuminated what was actually a nice dark refuge.

Best of all, when clean up time arrived everyone really pitched in. Before the song ended the room was back in order and left me in the mood to sing a song to fit the occasion, "I Think You're Wonderful."

That's because they are wonderful.

Be well.

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Brooke Tester said...

Agreed! They are wonderful. Thanks Mr. Gurney